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If Remoaners are to be believed, hardly anyone under the age of 88 voted to Leave in the Referendum, they probably had dementia anyway, and did not know what they were doing; it’s only fair to hold a second Referendum. A third anyone?

Well, I have news for The Whingers. A very significant number of my generation voted to Leave, and our numbers are growing by the day. Why is that? After all, we have a huge stake in our country’s future……

In a word, it is events. The British electorate were sophisticated and well-informed enough to see through the propaganda pushed out by Cameron, Osborne, & co with Project Fear-that according to HM Treasury officials, Brexit risked an immediate recession and a big jump in unemployment. We now know such forecasts were nonsense on stilts. The economy has boomed and unemployment stands at a 45-year low.

So it is not surprising that my generation are increasingly enthused by the opportunities out there in our post-Brexit world, the prosperity that beckons from trade around the world. We want to get on in life, and view with dismay the incessant divisiveness of The Whingers, aided and abetted by the BBC, whose founding principles were to educate, entertain, and inform. Their founder, Lord Reith, must be spinning in his grave.

Come and join us at Democracy17.4 and let’s make this happen, for we cannot trust government to do the right thing. Contrary to Press reports, we can Leave at a time and in a manner of our own choosing. Stop all this begging in Brussels. Bin this stupid transition idea. Let’s Leave now -on our terms, not theirs.

– Luke

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