How to support your local group

There are 17.4 million more of us Leavers who are not well represented in Parliament, save for an influential minority of MPs dedicated to achieving a proper Brexit. By forming local groups aiming to bring about independence from the EU, we will recover our fisheries, halt immigration, and usher in restoration of full sovereignty and law-making powers.

Your aim is to have members from your local constituency ready to mobilise for the first by-election called, and to promote YOUR own locally chosen candidate; someone who will address local issues and support the general principles advocated by Democracy17.4.

Not all MPs respect the result of last year’s referendum and want to do everything they can to delay Brexit in the hope that the decision can be overturned.

If you think your MP should be respecting the outcome and working constructively in the interests of the country, you can start by writing to them and letting them know what you think.

We also need to counter the huge amount of negative press coverage about Brexit and the attempts by prominent individuals in politics, media and other fields to discredit and demean the referendum result.

If you have some spare time and really want to get involved in our campaign, join us!