Row over EU ransom erupts

In a Politics UK exchange (20 Feb 2018) the magnificent journalist, Julia Hartley-Brewer told the European Union to f**k off over Brussel’s demand for the so-called Brexit divorce bill.
Most unwisely, Theresa May agreed to hand over more than £40 billion when the U.K. formally leaves the bloc in March 2019. And it appears the actual figures will be kept a closely guarded secret from the public when the final exit deal is agreed, thereby eroding what little trust the People retain with their parliamentary representatives. Figures as high as £90 billion have been bandied about.
“We should have been so much more forceful” Julia H-B raged. “I tell you what, paying £100 bn, £40 bn, or £20bn……f**k off frankly, f**k off, not a chance, not a single penny.” “The idea the EU should get a single penny of taxpayer’s money for absolutely nothing, as a goodwill gesture, is ludicrous.”
Democracy17.4 could not have put it better.